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      Keywords: dyeing machine,dyeing equipment

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      Huaxia Technology Co.,LTD of Jingjiang county was founded in 2004,which is located in the beautiful Yangzi River delta—Jingjiang. Our company is specialized in r&d, dyeing and finishing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical equipment and water treatment equipment. The company was awarded the high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, won the honors of the national prototype technology research and development center in dyeing and finishing, private scientific and technological enterprise of Jiangsu province, Credit enterprise of Taizhou City, and passed the certification of the ISO9001 quality management system and CE security and bank credit rating AAA...

      Huaxia technology

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      Congratulates the successful conclusion of the 19th China InterDye.
      Congratulates the successful conclu...

      The automatic dyeing equipment manufactured by Huaxia Technological Company has attracted great attention from the industry. Through this exhibition, customers ...

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      ADD: No.88, Gongnong East Road, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China



      Contact:Xia Shaigen 86-13801428918



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